COVID-19 Student Emergency Relief Fund

Our students are at the heart of all we do. Your contributions to this fund are not simply helping a student to pay a bill — you are helping her change her life. Thank you.

Donor Honor Roll

Thank you to the following donors who have contributed to keeping our students at Bay Path.

Andrew Anderlonis
Mary Bushnell ­’74
Veatrice Carabine ’07
Allison Clayton ’06 G’14
Crystal Diamond ’72
Tina Gasper ’19
Elizabeth Hait ’05 ’07 G’09
Denise Jordan
Thea Katsounakis ’70
Catherine Mahoney ’07
Laura Nase G’10
Myra Quick ’05
Robyn Rawson-Sicard
Theresa Rego
Gladys Sullivan
Daryll Sverrisson ’98
Melissa Wert ’06 ’07 G’11


If you haven't yet donated, please

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IRS regulations require the University to state that no goods or services were provided to you in consideration of your contribution.